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I remember back then in the Eastern Cape when I was a boy of about 7 or 9 years old,  my family will keep warm food in the pot while I needed a second serving, they would ensure that we call a stranger walking in the rain, invite him in, give him fresh clothes, hot water to wash and the warm food.  After that a warm bed to lie on, including the blankets I always dreamt of sleeping in. He was treated as a special guest.


Now our communities are at war, a neighbour would go days without inquiring if the man next door is still alive or long dead, their new slogan is "Ogxeleyakhe akabuzwa" meaning you mind you own. We now live in times where one can choose to laugh when one community member is in danger or dying instead of helping, where we rather choose to flush fresh food down the toilet than to invite someone in to eat with.


Only now do i truly understand the importance of “Ubuntu”, A person is a person through other people.


I wish I can live in those times again, and play the part which my grand parents showed me.


To my loved community

Mfundo Mbali

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Local Black Women Breaking Down Barriers In Medicine! From the youngest black female hospital CEO to the country's first black female neurosurgeon — young women in medicine are trailblazing.

"At 32, she is the country's youngest black female cardiologist. Dr Mtwesi was part of the medical team who treated Nelson Mandela during his last days" Visit for more..

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 A young woman churning music by making and playing traditional instruments made from calabash gourds and tree branches to preserve the culture of the isiXhosa people

"She has always been fascinated by indigenous sounds, but knew her knowledge was lacking because of the colonial influences on her upbringing" Visit for more...

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Manchester United star from the Cape Flats, gives life skills lesson to pupils in Khayelitsha school

"Fortune shared his knowledge and motivated the pupils to follow their dreams no matter their background. Originally from the Cape Flats, Fortune is a Laureus sport for good ambassador and uses his status to promote gender equality and speak out against gender-based violence." visit for more...

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Meet a young man from Polokwane paying for his tertiary education – with trash

Mpho Makutu is an enterprising inventor, who's interest in technology and self-driven pursuit of knowledge is enabling him to build remote-controlled cars, robots, and even a crane made from recycled materials... Visit for more.


Teenagers send SA's first private satellite into space!

“My motivation to any young girl who wants to follow a career in science is that there’s nothing stopping you,” she says, “because you will never know what you can give to the world until you try.” visit for more

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A doctor is saving lives with free surgery

"Over a glass of wine with friends, Roodt realised that she wanted to do better. She offered to operate for free" Visit for more...


Slindile Ngema is helping youngsters navigate towards a better life with a Surf board

"I can interact with the kids more in the water because sitting and talking causes some to withdraw, but when we’re in the water, I develop a relationship with them, and this helps them to open up to me."  Visit For more...

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