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“Every Thursday morning as we arrive at the river to fetch water, the old woman would line us up at the banks, instruct us to lie on the ground legs wide open, as she takes turns inserting her fingers inside us to certify those that are still virgins, or identify those who aren’t”   I […]

Words are powerful

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The greatest lesson I have learnt in my entire life took place when I was 15 years of age. A guest speaker had come to my school at the time and came to speak about empathy. The simple dictionary definition for empathy states that it is the ability to understand and share the feelings of […]

We are made to connect

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I had never known the true meaning of Ubuntu until I went to university. I grew up in a middle-class Anglican Xhosa home which meant that the entirety of my existence was sheltered. I went to church and came straight home. And being that I went to a private, predominantly-white girls’ school, I had never […]


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We were like a fish in water. A fish does not know that he swims in water. It is what he has experienced his whole life. He was born into water, it is all he knows. We were born into the Apartheid system, we did not know anything different. Black people lived in townships, they […]

Call on Community

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In the wake of an often hostile society and my own tumultuous inner landscape, I stumbled across what would inform the rest of my life. It was a Monday, 2016 and I was heartbroken. And when I say heartbroken, I mean it, gut wrenching, tear jerking, broken hearted. My friend had convinced me to tag […]