Let’s choose to spread beauty in the midst of our storms/drought ?

As ordinary people, we have decided to declare 1 December 2017 a day on which we formally and intentionally free ourselves from mental slavery. We invite you to do the same on this historic day and every day thereafter. Even before slavery was abolished in the Cape Colony on 1 December 1834, most people already dreamt of what it would feel like to be physically free. We do not wish to ignore our troubles in an unjust world and in our own society. Yet we want to remember the resources all our ancestors have handed to us over generations. They had to be exceptional to survive the bondage of being slave and slave masters.
Looking back on the strength of deceased and living examples among us, we want to remember that we have personal and collective power to overcome any odds. We can thrive above anything that is thrown our way, even while we dismantle the last vestiges of social, economic, political and personal bondage.
Let’s look around at our artists, our dreamers, our achievers, those who get up every day, to smile, to laugh, to care, to love and to labour for social justice. How can we multiply the determination of that mother who gets up every morning to provide care for her own household and community, while putting in a day’s work? That father who works day after day and still makes time to be an example wherever he goes. Those beautiful people who are marginalised for being different from what is considered ‘normal’; and yet reach out to those who discriminate and violate. Let’s celebrate and emulate all people who commit to building just relationships and equal ownership of our society and every person in it.
What are the ways in which we can liberate our minds – to be who we are supposed to be? How can we give expression to the love we have for humankind? Let’s celebrate all the precious things we learnt while growing up like showing respect in big and small ways ways. Lets start by greeting everyone, smiling at strangers, offering a helping hand, caring beyond our small circle, building up rather than breaking down. We can work for social justice as a habit and not only a far off idea. The sky is only the beginning if we are prepared to spread our love.
Macy Gray’s song ‘Beauty in the World’ is an example of how we can go about appreciating ‘so much beauty in the world [and people]around us – for us’, as she sings with that incredible voice. We are not delusional. She is not delusional, as she sings we ‘don’t know if we’ll make it through’ but that does not deter her from inviting us to believe that ‘there is hope – for us’. Of course, many of us are ‘fed-up … things are messed up’, yet the sky is still blue, flowers bloom and give off scent, the sea remains inviting, the mountains radiate beauty, nature reflects what lies dormant in us. There is so much beauty in the world that we can draw on while we labour for social justice. 

Let’s consciously change the things we can while we sing, while we dance, while we create goodwill to pass on to future generations. Let’s spread love, hope, caring, respect and beauty around.

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