“I never asked your name. But I see you.”

“Yesterday I felt like an idiot. I was in a manual car trying to get up a hill in a traffic jam. The robots were out in Jan Smuts. It was hot and a rancid smell of decaying rubbish bothered me. As I looked around to locate it source, I noticed smoke wafting up between my car and the next. It was on both sides…It took a while but I eventually realised my car was smoking!
What to do? Jump out before it bursts into flames? Nah…that seemed a tad drastic. Check the heat gauge. That was fine. I edged across a lane a tried to squeeze my car close to the pavement. I switched off and put on my hazzards. Great. Now I was contributing to the crazy traffic by blocking the left lane.
While trying to find my phone and call for help a charming man pulled up next to me. He reassured me. Told me I was burning out my clutch. But don’t worry. It will be fine. Just keep going. The worst I could do was switch off now.
I thanked him and started edging forward. Still smoking away…My fellow South African jumped out his car and came to reassure me again. He walked next to my open window telling me it was OK. Just stay in first. I was nearly up the hill.
Thank you caring citizen. I really needed your kind words and help. I never asked your name. But I see you. I thank you.”

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